About the Project

Waves&Wings was the first mobile app. I made for IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). It is a simple, 2D, arcade styled game centered around water skiing. The game mechanics are fairly simple; Tap the “jump” button to dodge obstacles (logs, rocks, birds, bottles) and hold the “flip” button in-air to perform a flip for more points.

This game was created as a capstone project for a 5-course specialization I was taking through Coursera titled Game Design and Development. I worked on Waves&Wings from December, 2016 – March, 2017 (~3 months). To this day I continue to make improvements and make updates based on customer suggestions.

What I learned

  1. Efficiently using Unity Engine (2D/3D) interface & essential tools

  2. Program in C# and learn how to create scripts for 2D parallax scrolling, Camera Scaling, Camera Shake, cut-fade between scenes, player pref manager (to keep track of user scores, lives, highscores ect.), bounce off of enemies, and Character Controller which allows the main character to jump and flip.

  3. Work with pixels to create artwork for the game (background, characters, items)

  4. PHP and MySQL to build backend leaderboard

  5. FaceBook SDK to track player data

  6. Use Gimp2 to edit images and create the App. Icon for my game

  7. Import and record soundFX/music for game use

  8. Write and format Game Design Documents, High Concept Documents -> (High Concept Document ), and One-Page Design Documents -> (One-Page Design Document)

  9. Use test-flight; an IOS application that allows other people to test your application. From this I was able to receive constructive feedback and add/remove features in the game.

  10. Become an apple developer and upload my game to the iTunes app. store


LeaderBoard Controller (C#)

Here is an example of a script I modified to handle posting scores to a MySQL database I set up using PHP scripts.