About the Project

Block Busterz is a simple arcade game I made modeled after the popular IOS and Android mobile game Ballz

This project took me 3 weeks to complete. My favorite part of creating Block Busterz was being able to look at Ballz and ask myself questions such as:

- How do they do that?

- How can I replicate their algorithm?

- In what order to events occur in this game?


What I learned

  1. How to examine a game and write out a detailed algorithm to reproduce the same gameplay as the original (Ballz).

  2. Implementing GameCenter Leaderboard into game

  3. Create custom script which aids in ease of implementing IAP

  4. Wrote script that scales gameObjects (blocks,balls,gems) to appropriate size for different devices.

  5. Wrote Events that affect multiple game objects at the same time

  6. Implemented optimization efficiency techniques such as Object Pooling to reduce call to garbage collection 


Block Spawner (C#)

This script spawns each row that is generated at the top of the screen each round. It first determines the width of the black box then generates blocks in random positions 1/7th the total width of the black box. Each row will have a maximum of 6 blocks so there will always be one spot open for a "ball spawn" which adds to the total number of balls collected.